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In the above images you can see two examples of the Chip interface. On the left you will find the Commander Info page which can be reached by clicking on your Commander portrait in the upper left hand corner of the screen and clicking the Chip tab.

On the right side is an example of what you see when you access the Chip tab in the Gear Factory.

They are both the same thing with the exception of the Commander info which is missing from the Gear Factory.

What are Chips?

Chips are the second thing that open up in the Gear Factory at level 8.

There are six pieces of gear we remember from the Gear tab: The Gun, The Shield, The Ring, The Helmet(Mask), The Vest, and the Boots, and each piece of gear has three chip slots, one for each of the Troop types: Fighters, Riders, and Shooters, and a fourth slot designed for Troop Chips.

Chips are essentially an additional way to augment your gear and add additional stats that stack on each Troop type.

You can find Fighter, Rider, and Shooter Chips in the Ruins Shop. As soon as it unlocks, it may be a slow process at first but begin purchasing the 3 star chips you find in the Ruins Shop. You will need 6 sets of Fighter Chips, Rider Chips, and Shooter chips for a total of 18.

Even if you only intend to main one troop type, just like with Gear you should prioritize the Chips that benefit you the most in the moment, and build up the others when you have maximized your main chips.

You will also notice that on each chip tab corresponding to a piece of gear there is a fourth slot that appears empty.

This spot is reserved for Troop chips. Troop chips are different than the other chips in that they give bonuses to all troops when you add them to a piece of gear. Troop chips, unlike the normal chips you can get through the ruins shop, can only be gotten in the Hero Dual-Glory exchange, its also the only place you can find the enhancement and promotion material for these troop chips as well. (Its also possible to earn these in Wasteland Conquest however, this event is extremely difficult and the cost to benefit is simply not worth it unless you are extremely high in might. It’s also possible random holiday events grant you access to these as well.)

(You can only access the Hero Dual-Glory Arena by placing in the top 1000 in Hero-Dual Survival before reset on the last day of the week before a new week starts. In either week A or B, you must achieve this feat before reset on the 7th day. If you are unable to do this, you will not be able to access Hero Dual-Glory for another week.)

Unfortunately, the older your state gets, the harder it is to place, and the harder it is to get Troop Chips. However, unless you have them enhanced and promoted Uber high, they provide almost no additional value to your stats. If you have them but can no longer enhance and promote them, you may see an additional bonus of a few percent. (You can skip getting these)

Enhancement and Promotion

Just like with gear, your chips can be enhanced and promoted.

Just like the chips themselves you can find the enhancers and promoter material in the Ruins shop. You can also get it in event boxes as well, or in the Mall.

And like with Gear you need to simply click on the Chip you want to enhance, click Enhance and select the material to increase its level. Doing this as you can see above increases the overall stats of whichever chip you are enhancing. However, unlike with Gear. Fighter Chips only enhance Fighter stats, Rider Chips only enhance Rider stats, and Shooter Chips only enhance Shooter stats.

And like Gear once a chip has reached its maximum enhancement level, to continue it must be promoted.

Promoting the chip will allow its star level to be raised, and allow it to be further enhanced.

While Gear promotion is a more difficult task, Chip promotion is a more time consuming task, not necessarily a difficult one. If you play the game and achieve new levels in the Ruins, you will earn points, which can then be used to enhance and promote your Chips. The higher the level you reach in The Ruins, the more you earn on that day of the week. Eventually, you will be able to buy out all the promoters at a time, or a lot of enhancers, thus allowing you to increase your Chip stats.

There is no reason to not enhance and promote all your chips if you are able to get the materials to do so. Increasing the damage of your main troop choice is always a priority, however increasing the stats of your second and third choices of troops has no disadvantage.

With gear you must choose wisely as the cost to upgrade can be both time consuming, and financially consuming for you. However, you don’t need to spend money to get the Chips to enhance your gear, because of this there is no disadvantage to enhancing and promoting all your Chips. It both increases the damage of your secondary and tertiary marches, as well as increases your overall Might.

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