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In the above images you can see two examples of the Module interface. On the left you will find the Commander Info page which can be reached by clicking on your Commander portrait in the upper left hand corner of the screen and clicking the Module tab.

On the right side is an example of what you see when you access the Module tab in the Gear Factory.

They are both the same thing with the exception of the Commander info which is missing from the Gear Factory.

What are modules?

Modules are the third thing that open up in the Gear Factory at level 16.

The module part of the factory allows up to three modules per five specific levels for a total of 15 modules. Five Fighter, five Shooter, and five Rider modules. Modules are another augmentation you are able to make to your Troops like Chips.

Because each set of modules only open up as you level your Gear Factory to a specific point, you can enhance and promote all of the three modules of the level you currently have open without much effort, and it adds to overall Might. 

You will need to look in the Rare Earth shop to find the three star Modules, they are each 100,000 Rare Earth in the exchange. You will find all the materials you need in there as well. Although you can buy these in boxes in the mall, there is zero reason to do that.

The Rare Earth shop is full of really good stuff, and although getting these modules should be a priority to add the additional augment to your troops, you can also find McCarty frags in there as well. I recommend that you continue to hold on to your Rare Earth until there is a break loose or other event where you are rewarded for getting module materials and frags and then use the Rare Earth to purchase them then. You can also find Marks of Glory in the shop as well.

As you upgrade your factory to new levels that unlock more module space, use your Rare Earth and grab the three modules to add to the Module spots in the Gear Factory.

Enhancement and Promotion

Just like with gear and chips, modules can enhanced and promoted.

And like with Gear and Chips, Modules you want to enhance, click Enhance and select the material to increase its level. Doing this as you can see above increases the overall stats of whichever Module you are enhancing. However, unlike with Gear. Fighter Modules only enhance Fighter stats, Rider Modules only enhance Rider stats, and Shooter Modules only enhance Shooter stats.

And like Gear, and Chips once a module has reached its maximum enhancement level, to continue it must be promoted.

Promoting a Module will allow its star level to be raised, and allow it to be further enhanced.

It’s important to continue to enhance and promote your modules as they raise your overall Might level much like Gear and Chips do. Promoting a Module adds far more Might and value to the Module than merely Enhancing it alone. And because its very easy to get both the enhancers and promoters maximizing these modules should also be very easy.

It’s important not to forget that at levels 16, 20, 22, 30, and 33 you can add a new set of three modules to your Gear Factory.

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