Zombie Lairs

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Attacks against Zombies and Zombie Lairs are referred to as a Hunt.

The map is littered with Zombies and Zombie Lairs.

Zombie Lairs can be found from level 1 and up. The higher the level zombie lair the harder it will be to defeat it. By clicking on a zombie lair in the world you can see just how much might the zombie lair has.

Unlike Zombies determining the strength required to defeat a zombie lair isn’t as easy to figure out.

Attacking Zombie Lairs at or below same level as your Headquarters is usually a good practice, however more goes into determining whether or not you will be defeated than just the level of your HQ.

A person who upgrades their HQ, then also upgrades their troop training camps (Fighter camp, Shooter camp, and Rider camp) are more likely to have the requisite troops necessary to defeat the lair of that level.

However a person who upgrades their HQ but does not upgrade their camps may have lower level troops that are insufficient to defeat the lair.

It also the reason why a Zombie Lair has a Rally requirement, which means that no single player can attack a Zombie Lair, even if they could defeat the lair by themselves.

When a player attacks a Zombie Lair, a Rally is created based on the maximum Rally Size in the Hall of War + any other bonuses through heroes, research, Nova and talents. 

An attack against a zombie lair will grant you rewards that are different than what you would get when attacking a zombie by yourself. First you will get far more Antiserum, an important component in upgrading heroes. Second, you will get a supply box that contains lots of rewards including frags, resources, and promoters, etc.

There is no stamina penalty for losses against Zombies or Lairs, the only being the loss of troops which can be healed. So as long as you have infirmaries its worth risking a higher level hunt to gain better rewards.

Generally higher level players tend to attack more zombies lairs than zombies, since the rewards are more lucrative.

What do I need to defeat a Zombie Lair?

By having a mix of troops from various players, it increases your chances of defeating the lair. But basically your combined forces must deal 50% or more damage to the lair in order to successfully defeat it.

Best practices

Generally its a better practice to let a higher level player initiate an attack against a zombie lair.

This is because higher level players can successfully defeat higher level lairs granting the rally more lucrative rewards.

A lower level player can also join a rally against a higher level lair, however the risk of losing troops is increased significantly based on the level of that lair. It means that a player with a level 10 HQ can join a rally against a level 25 Lair, however their troops will take damage as if they are much higher level troops.

For this reason when a hunt is initiated against a Zombie Lair it is good practice for the player initiating the hunt to let players in alliance chat know that they either want full troop support or 1.

For new players this can be confusing to understand but basically, the rewards for sending a single troop are the same as if they sent the full troop size they could send. Therefore when joining a rally where you could potentially lose a large amount of troops its best to only risk one.

A higher level player who is experienced in this will know this and indicate whether to send 1 or more.

Generally once a higher level player can defeat a zombie lair almost by themselves, they will only ask that any player joining the rally only risk one troop.

This saves all extra players entering the rally troop loss of any kind. Most people will not even lose a single troop since the damage will be primarily assigned to the initiator first.

Some players are still testing the waters, and are not sure if they are able to yet defeat a zombie lair, so they will ask for full in alliance chat.

When this happens its not required by good practice to send full troops so that the player can determine in the logs how much damage is needed.

A player may similarly think that they can almost beat a zombie lair by themselves and may ask to do a test where they request a single troop from those joining the rally. This is primarily designed to see what percentage the player damaged the lair, based on the log.

As your might increases, as your troop and rally size increases, you should be trying to risk higher level zombie lairs because the rewards are higher with each increase in level.

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Zombie Lairs

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