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Attacks against Zombies and Zombie Lairs are referred to as a Hunt.

The map is littered with Zombies and Zombie Lairs.

Zombies can be found from level 1 and up. The higher the level zombie the harder it will be to defeat it. By clicking on a zombie in the world you can see just what the recommended troop size is to defeat it.

Generally hunts against Zombies use less stamina than a hunt against a lair, the rewards are also different. Against zombies you get frags based on the level of the zombie defeated.

There is no stamina penalty for losses against Zombies or Lairs, the only being the loss of troops which can be healed. So as long as you have infirmaries its worth risking a higher level hunt to gain better rewards.

The only requirement to hunting zombies is the troop size. By this I mean how many troops you attack with at a sufficient level to be able to defeat the zombie.

Generally lower level players tend to attack more zombies than lairs, especially if they are trying to gain frags. 

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