Improving Troop and Rally Size

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What is Troop Size?

Your troop size is the number of troops combined that you can send out on attacks. Troop size can be increased by upgrading your HQ. Based on your HQ level, there is a base Troop Size number. For example at level 1 your base Troop Size is 2,000. At level 26, your base Troop Size is 79,500.

Might: 24,698,372

Troop Size: 144,000

March Time 00:00:43

Rally Size: 850,000

March Speed: 648%

If we look at the example you can see that the Troop Size is 144,400. With a level 27 HQ the base Troop Size is 84,000 + hero passives, the Research Lab, Nova, and Talents.

In the example there is an additional 60,400 Troops that have been added because of bonuses.

What is Rally Size?

Your Rally Size is the number of troops other players can bring to your rallied attacks. Rally Size can be increased by upgrading your Hall of War.

Based on your Hall of War level, there is a base Troop Size number. For example at level 1 your Rally Size is 40,000. At level 26, your base Rally Size is 810,000.

Looking back at the example above you can see that the Rally Size is 850,000. That is because the Hall of War is level 26 (810,000 + any bonuses provided by Nova, heroes, etc.)

When you look at the Hall of War you will always be given a number that is considered your applicable rally size. To determine your maximum rally size you take that number and combine it with your troop size and that becomes the maximum rally size you can use.

When attacking anything important, events like Zenith Hub or Reservoir Wars, etc. you always want to have the person with the largest Rally Size create the rally.

Then other players can join with their troops adding to the overall number up to its maximum size.

Heroes also provide bonuses to Troop and Rally Size

Heroes like Varvara and Dr. J when evolved increase Troop and Rally sizes respectively. In fact, Troop and Rally Size is so important that getting these two heroes along with Otto evolved should be a major priority for you right from the beginning.

Although there are other heroes that also add to Troop and Rally Size, Varvara, Dr. J, and Otto are three of the easiest. Getting all three of these heroes to +5 level 131 will add a Troop Size Bonus of +20,000 and a Rally Size Bonus of +100,000.

These three 4 star heroes are easy to get, and add tremendous benefits to your army just in their passive bonuses. Adding Eve which is a 5 star hero you can also get for free and getting her enhanced to +5 will add another 20,000 troops to your maximum Troop Size.

There are of course other Epic Heroes you can either purchase or get through special events that add even more bonuses, but as soon as you have access to The Ruins, you should be using your tokens to get Varvara frags which you can then turn in to hire the hero herself.

From that point on using the tokens you can earn everyday in Ruins you can buy the maximum per day of Varvara and enhance her to +5. Be sure to attack zombies and zombie lairs or rally in other players lairs to earn the antiserum you need to upgrade her. Evolving her will require that you spend time in the campaign earning manuals.

Both Otto and Dr. J can be hired through earning their frags at Noah’s Tavern. Use those additional earned frags and be sure to enhance them as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, having very powerful troops is essential, however increasing the number of troops you can attack and rally with is also essential, these two things go hand in hand.​

Available Troop and Rally Size Heroes

HeroTroop SizeRally Size+5+8
Lady M+8,000+25,000
Agent X+200,000+500,000
Dr. J+100,000

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Improving Troop and Rally Size

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