Understanding how Heroes’ Active and Passive skills work

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What are Troop Hero skills?

Troop Hero skills are the bonuses that your heroes provide to your troops, and they can be found on the Troop Skill tab when selecting a Hero from the Hero button on the menu at the bottom of your screen.

How do they work?

As I’ve said, each hero has a Troop Skill tab with bonuses that apply to your troops. However, while some skills are active skills, others are passive.

The definition of an Active skill would be a skill that only applies to your troops if that hero is in your troop formation. Meyers is an example of a Hero that has an Active skill bonus. If he is in your formation, your Troops get a bonus to their HP, DEF, and ATK.

You are allowed to put up to five heroes in your troop formation, and each one has a different affect on your troops.

You can see in the above example on the left that when Zephyr is in my troop formation my Fighters skill bonuses are at 96% ATK, 96% DEF, and 96% HP. That is because right now Zephyr is adding an additional 32% to each of those skill bonuses as an Active skill.

So in the above example on the right I have switched out Zephyr for Phoenix and you will notice that my Fighters ATK, DEF, and HP all go down, however my Shooter ATK, DEF, and HP all go up. This is because at my current Phoenix enhancement level she adds an additional 32% ATK, 32% DEF, and 32% HP as an Active skill to my troops. This is why people will often tell ask you what your main troop type is: Fighters, Shooters, or Riders. Different  formations apply different skill bonuses and its best to optimize your troops for one, over say two or three.

(Mixing them is an inefficient method of doing damage, and you should choose one and stick to that.)

If we go back and look at Levina, she is an example of a Hero whose Troop skills are Passive. That means that whether Levina is in your Troop formation or not, her skill bonuses always apply to your Troops. That is why it is important to get her to at least level 131 so that her skills apply to all troops passively. You can see in my example, I have not yet evolved her to level 131 so for the time being she is not adding her Shooter ATK passive skill bonus to my troops.

Heroes can have a Troop type just like your Troops, a Hero can be a Fighter like Meyers, or a Shooter like Phoenix, or a Rider like Levina. However, there is also another type of Hero and they are of the type Economy. Economy Heroes are not meant to be used in your Troop formation at all, this is because they provide zero Active skill bonuses to your Troops. Instead, Heroes of the Economy type are always considered Passive which means that they always provide their Troop skill bonuses to your Troops, in the same way Levina does as a Rider type Hero.

Eve is a good example of an Economy type hero, when she is evolved to level 131 her Troop skill bonuses add Gathering Speed bonuses, Infirmary Healing Speed bonuses, and Troop Size bonuses. All Economy type heroes are passive so their is no disadvantage in leveling them, and enhancing them to their maximum.

Some Heroes are even more special than even the Five Star heroes we tend to add to our Troop formations. And these Heroes tend to be Two and Three Star heroes. Yes, you read that right, some lower Star heroes are of a Special type. They are both one of the three Troop type heroes: Fighter, Shooter, or Rider, but they are also an Economy type hero, and just like a normal Economy type hero their Economy Troop skill has a Passive skill bonus.

In the above example on the left I have chosen to showcase Barbie. Barbie is a Three Star Hero who is a Fighter, but if you look at her Troop skills only two of them are of the Active type bonus, her first skill is in fact of the Economy type. You can verify this by clicking on the skill. In the above example on the right you can see that under the various enhancement level information, you can see that it says, “Own the hero to activate this effect.” That means that just owning the hero, is enough to activate it, making it entirely a Passive skill bonus.

For this reason alone, it is important to Enhance her to her maximum. You should do this with all heroes that have an Economy type skill that is activated just by owning the hero. While she may not be strong in a battle, the bonus that she provides will help you in gathering food.


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    • wikiadmin

      Mon, November 7, 2022

      I assume you mean you are looking for more details. I am trying to update the site with as many details as I can, but its a one man operation so it takes a lot of time.

  • Nams

    Sat, November 19, 2022

    Question on heroes like Meyers and Mars being of Motorcycle type, yet troop stats, should they be motorcycle only or can I stack them when needed on certain attack marches. Do the troop type heroes benefit any style troop

    • wikiadmin

      Sun, November 20, 2022

      Meyers is a Fighter type (Axe) and Mars is a Rider type (Motorcycle) but they fit in the category of improving overall troop stats.

      Early game if you do not have enough troops of single type (fighters, shooters, or riders) it’s perfectly acceptable to use these types of heroes in an attack formation, especially if you need to use all types, including vehicles to maximize your troop size.

      However, you should be trying to choose a single type (fighters, shooters, or riders) and building the troops of that type so that you can send full troop size of a single type. You then want the kind of heroes that match that specific type to maximize the damage.

      If you click on the advanced tab on the site, and look under Troop Formation I try to explain how it works a lot better, including what heroes go in what formation. Once you do choose your type, make sure you enhance the gear, chips, modules, cubes, and nova stats to match.

      If you choose Fighters for example you would want to enhance and promote Fighter gear, chips, modules, and put the Nova military points into skills that benefit Fighters. You would also want to make sure when you research, and setup your Commander Talents that you are putting your research points into Fighters, and Commander Talents into the things that benefit Fighters. You would do the same thing for Shooters or Riders if you decided you wanted to use those types instead.

      By Choosing a single type to focus your energy on you will maximize your damage during Events, Zombie Lairs, and Hunting.

      When it comes to the Heroes whose skills benefit all troops, they are only really useful in the Sanctuary’s wall formation because when you are attacked by a player, or during an event like Dead Rising, all troops not doing something else can be used to defend, so the heroes on your wall being ones that can give bonuses to all troops helps to maximize your defense.

      As for stacking, all hero formation stats stack up. So for example having all a single type like fighter can yield 325% to Fighter ATK as opposed to mixing them up where you might only have say 120% ATK for fighters, and 80% ATK for Riders, and 40% for Troops.

      The benefit for using a single type as opposed to all troops is that the bonuses are higher when stacked.

      Again, check out my write-up on Troop Formation by clicking Advanced, you will see Troop Formation listed with the 4 types.

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Understanding how Heroes’ Active and Passive skills work

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