Understanding Nova and The Research Lab

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Nova is a really important part of the game, and although it takes quite sometime to unlock her through playing tutorial. The investment will pay off.

Why is Nova so special?

For one thing you can interact with her a specific number of times per day, determined by the level of your Research Lab.

Interacting with Nova, i.e. clicking on one of the three buttons gets you:

  • Affinity (Left button) – Rewards Nova Intellect points
  • Praise (Center button) – Rewards Nova Skill Points
  • Gift (Right button) – Rewards random resources or skill points

Another thing Nova does is add all kinds of bonuses that you can boost using skill points.

What are her skills?

There are two tabs available to the player, and each provides a different set of skills you can boost using Nova.

The first tab is the Military tab, and it uses Military skill points to add bonuses.

The second tab is the Economy tab, and it uses Economy skill points to add bonuses.

The two tabs couldn’t be more different. The Military deals solely in things like ATK, DEF, HP, and Troop DMG. The Economy however deals with Resource Gathering, Troop Load, Build and Research Speed bonuses as well as a few others.

What makes Nova really special is that every time you upgrade the Research Lab, the cost of Upgrading boosts with Military and Economy Points is reduced.  

Buying these Modifying Kits from the Alliance Store will allow you to reset any Nova skill to Lvl. 1.

Using these correctly is important though as they cost 100,000 Alliance coins to use.

What you want to do is to make sure you have upgraded your Research Lab more than a few times, I recommend at least 3 but 5 or more levels makes the savings worth the cost.

Simply reset a skill, getting back all the points you put into it, and now retrain it for less points.

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Understanding Nova and The Research Lab

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