The Color Chart

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The game’s color chart is an important aspect of Puzzles & Survival. Learning it can mean the difference between winning a battle and losing one.

As you can see above there are five different colors in the game, and each one corresponds with a color of hero, and color tile within a puzzle.

Below you will see what colors are strong and weak when opposing each other.

When doing events that require you to play a puzzle (Alliance Trial, Arena, Campaign, etc) it is important to use the right color so that you can maximize your damage.

In an event like Alliance Trial for example, the monster’s color is chosen at random. You then get to decide which color hero you want to provide your Alliance for assistance. This should always be a hero that is strongest against the color of the monster.

Example: If the monster is Purple, you should assist players with your strongest golden hero. This will ensure that everyone can maximize their damage.

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The Color Chart

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