Three things you should do

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1. Bind your account

Binding your account will allow you to play Puzzles & Survival on any device you want while using the same account to play it on.

In the lower right corner of the screen click the button that says More. Then click the button marked Settings.

A box will appear with lots of options available. Click the button at the top labeled Account. A new box labeled account settings will appear. Click on the button labeled User Center.

A browser window will open inside the game window that will take you to 37Games. There are several buttons, but you just need to press the button labeled Bind Account.  One last box will appear and you can choose one of four options here to bind to.

In this example I have chosen to bind to my Facebook account.

Once you have successfully bound your account you can close the windows and go back to the game.

2. Purchase the second permanent build slot

You will get these golden hammers that you can use to create a second build slot that lasts for a couple days, however if you are prompted or see it in the Mall, you should purchase the second permanent build slot.

There are a lot of overpriced useless things in the game that you can skip, or get for free and this isn’t one of those things. Purchase it, you will not regret it.

3. Keep yourself shielded

You will find these in your bag, under the military tab. You will get them as rewards and they can also be purchased.

Activating a shield before you go to bed is a good idea, it will prevent other players from attacking your sanctuary while you sleep.

However, if you do not frequently participate in pvp, activating a shield will keep you protected so you do not need to worry about random attackers while playing. (Attacking or scouting a player will deactivate your shield and activate War Frenzy for a period of time. You cannot activate your shield, for the duration of the War Frenzy status.)


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Three things you should do

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