Where and when to spend your money

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VIP is essential to advancing in this game. Although you could play without buying it, it would take a long time to earn enough VIP points to get to VIP 7 and VIP 10 respectively.

Although VIP 5 allows you to Auto battle in campaigns, VIP 7 and later VIP 10 are far more important to get.


VIP 7 allows you to Auto Occupy the Pit. The Pit is a PVP ground where players can search for a pit full of rare earth metals and occupy it to dig them up.

Unfortunately, the pit has a limited amount of spots on each level and its nearly impossible to occupy one higher up.

Without Auto Occupy searching for an open spot is like looking for an open toilet at a sporting event. If you look hard enough and spend enough time you might manage to find one, or you could also shit your pants in the process.

Although that’s unlikely to happen here, so is finding an open pit without Auto Occupy. If you do not have at least VIP 7, trying to use the Pit is extremely futile.

The great thing about VIP is that each new level only adds additional bonuses, so going up to VIP 10 gives you access to all the great stuff you earned before it like Auto Occupy.

At VIP 10 you gain the ability to save your talents into three different lists, which you can set to correspond with the three available talent trees.

This will allow you to swap your talents on the fly to match whatever you intend to do in that moment.

Planning to attack? Load up a set of military talents to improve your attack.

Want to do some gathering? Just load up all the talents that give bonuses to gathering.

You can create three talents sets to be whatever you want them to be. Perhaps you would like a hybrid of the available three? There are a lot of possibilities.

One of the best ways to spend your money in this game for sure.


The subscription is also a good way to spend actual money in this game because it gives you rewards daily during reset. But first it gives you four active bonuses that remain on so long as you are subscribed.



Stamina Replenish
Speed +10%

Rare Earth Gathering

Speed +20%

Resource Gathering

Speed +50%

Max Troop

Size +3000

  • 300x Diamonds

  • 1x Epic Hero Card

  • 1x Adv. Recruit Token

  • 30x 1000 Antiserum

  • 10x Gear Promoter

  • 10x Chip Promoter

  • 10x Module Promoter

  • 10x Cube Promoter

  • 10x Mark of Glory

  • 5x 60-min Speedup

  • 5x 60-min Research Speedup

  • 5x 60-min Training Speedup

Permanent Build Queue

Building in this game is essential, and having the ability to build more than one structure at a time is likewise essential. Now the game does give you access to these temporary hammers, some can be earned throughout the game and others need to be purchased with diamonds.

However, having access to a second build queue is so essential to gameplay, I’m adding this to the things you should purchase with money if you intend to play this game. It’s $4.99 USD and its easily the best money you will ever spend in this game.

Being able to build two things simultaneously will make you so happy that you will wish you could spend even more money to open additional build spots. (Unfortunately, you can’t. It’s a maximum of one build spot + one golden permanent hammer.)

If you are going to play this game everyday, buy the additional hammer, period.

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Where and when to spend your money

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