Important beginning tips

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Join an alliance

You are here at Black Sheep’s Alliance knowledge site so I hope you have already joined our alliance, but if you have not, come join us or any alliance for that matter.

Joining an alliance is crucial, do it as soon as you can.

Being a member of a really good alliance doesn’t mean you need to be in the number one alliance, it just means that the alliance you join should be active and helpful. It also helps if the alliance has begun building out its tech tree. 

Those bonuses add up and its important that the alliance you are a part of does its part to make sure its members are being the best they can be.

So get into an alliance and start contributing early.


Change your name

Everyone begins with a random UUID. This is that set of letters and numbers you see there in the image. That is how the game identifies you.

The first four characters are Sxxx 

(The S denotes you are a member of a state. The xxx or three number series after the S denotes which state you are in.)

In the example above the user is in state 561. All the characters that follow are randomly generated and simply identify you to the server.

But no one likes having a random UUID for a name, which is why the game allows you to change it two times for free.

Click the pencil on the right side of the UUID. A box will come up and you can press the Use button.

Then simply type the name you would like to be referred to in game and press the Confirm button. 

(If its not unique enough, the game will require you to change it. It just means someone else has that name already.)

There you go, now you have successfully changed your name. 

Save your diamonds

The game is going to give you rewards all the time. Sometimes those rewards include diamonds. Diamonds can be purchased in the Mall but they will also be given to you throughout the game as a reward. 

You may be tempted to just use them to speed things up or get something faster, after all that is why they are in the game to begin with.

However, saving them for when you really need them is far more important. Especially in the beginning when things progress rather quickly. In the early game things like training, building and researching take very little time to do. 

But in later levels—the further you upgrade your HQ, and move down tech and research trees—more time is required to finish them.

Saving your diamonds in early game means you will have them later when you want to speed something up that takes a few hours to complete instead of a few minutes. 

Diamonds are also necessary if you want to purchase things in the Diamond Shop which is attached to your bag.

There are also events later in the game that ask you to spend diamonds.

(If you are going to purchase diamonds, I recommend waiting until you get a pop-up for something with a lot of diamonds and something else. The shop is full of things that you can buy that also give you diamonds. 

In fact many purchases give you the same amount of diamonds if you just purchased them, with additional things like resources, or speedups. Almost everything you purchase gives you some diamonds, which give you far more value for your money than just purchasing the diamonds alone.)


Invest in epic heroes

The game does a pretty good job of giving you a lot of heroes to play with, but early on all of these heroes are going to be weak. 

Two, and three star heroes are not going to win you battles. They are good early just to have something, but if you are going to spend money, investing in some of the epic five star heroes is worth it. 

(You do not actually have to spend money to get most heroes, you can earn them in game, however it will take much more time.)

The difference between the lower tier heroes and the higher God tier epic heroes is like day and night. You will notice for example in campaigns that even a +0 five star hero at level 1 does far more damage than the lower tier heroes.

You need ten frags of any hero in order to recruit it to your roster. When you look in the Mall you can see that purchasing a hero will give you ten frags.

However, if you do not want to spend money, Noah’s Tavern allows you to recruit the frags.

You can earn them just by playing through events, the campaign, fighting zombies, and zombie lairs, but you will also earn free tokens at set intervals. Those tokens can be traded in Noah’s tavern for a chance at getting a frag.

The probability for getting one of the five star heroes when using an adv. token is 30%.

Build, upgrade, increase might, attack!

Getting strong early helps to prevent others from attacking you for being weak.

Upgrading your sanctuary’s buildings early will give you tons of resources, increase your might, and make you more of a threat, which is good. Weakness in this game leaves you open to getting attacked early when its harder to defend yourself.

(This is why getting into an alliance is crucial. Many alliances have non-aggression pacts with other alliances that ensure that they will not just come and hit you just because they can.)

Many people will often just hit lower players that have not changed their names and are not in alliances. Make sure to do both of these things to help prevent that from happening.

Increasing your might in this game is crucial as well because it allows you to take part in events, and get rewards from hunting zombies and zombie lairs. Increasing your might—the bigger your troop size, the bigger your rally size, and access to those higher level troops you can only get by upgrading—allows you to progress in this game ever further for bigger and bigger rewards.

That is basically the game loop: build, upgrade, increase might, attack.

You do not have to attack other players in this game to progress, but many aspects of this game are PVP based, and not to mention a lot of fun.

If you do not participate in the events, you will never be able to get some of the epic heroes that you can only get when you play those events.

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