The tutorial

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You will start the game with a bit of a story. Just click through it until you find yourself faced with a puzzle. (These images may look different than what you will see, as the game events and updates are reflected sometimes in the tutorial, but its basically the same.)

Solve the puzzles to progress through the tutorial.

At some point you will be attacked by zombies. Solve this puzzle to continue.

Now you will face your first real puzzle, however it is still the tutorial so it will show you how to play it.

After the puzzle finishes Nova will be attacked and bitten. You will be presented with a choice. Shoot her, or Save her. (It does not matter what you choose here, both result in the same outcome.)

After Nova is saved, you will then be presented with another puzzle. This time there will be a boss fight.

Just keep following the instructions, and continue your progress in the tutorial.

Another Hero (Scarlett) will join the fight now against this snake boss. Defeat the boss.

You will now be taken to your base. Click through the story prompts until you are able to click on the Research Lab.

There is more story here to click through, but you can now see that Nova who was bitten before is now in a tank. Click through this dialogue to move through this part of the story. 

Now it is time to start fixing Nova. You will need to click on the button to start Chapter 1.

Clicking the button now will take you to Noah’s tavern. There you will recruit your first heroes.

Click Recruit 10x to begin. You will be rewarded with Might and some hero frags. Once you have done this, click the back button at the top left to exit out of Noah’s Tavern.

This will return you to the previous screen.

There will be more story here, click through it until you see the button you can click to continue, and click it.

Click Claim to claim your reward. Once you have done this, click the next button on the list that says Go.

From this point on the tutorial remains the same: click a button, get some story, and do puzzles.

Just continue to progress through the story campaign. Occasionally it will ask you to build something.

Once you have defeated Chapter 2 of the campaign. You will be asked to upgrade your HQ to level 2. Doing this will give you a bunch of rewards and allow you to claim your first step in the (1/4) Nova Antivirusine Collection Plan.

(This part of the tutorial teaches you about speedups.)

Click to claim your rewards.

This is where you do your first antivirusine surgery to heal Nova.

Everything here on out is the same. Continue to progress through the tutorial until you have finished.

Good Luck and Happy hunting!

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The tutorial

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