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Global Ace Commander is a 7 part event that takes place bi-weekly. Each day represents one part of the event. The sixth part of Global Ace Commander is Advancement.

Adv. Recruit30,000
Int. Recruit8,000
Basic Recruit2,000

Modification MaterialsPoints
Gear Modifier3,000
Chip Modifier3,000
Gear Lock30,000

In this event part one is the use of Recruitment items to recruit heroes from Noah’s Tavern. You should be saving up all of your recruitment items, which include any hero cards that you have in your bag. It’s wise to also save your Noah’s tavern coins you earn by not using them until this event so that you get rewards when using them.

Saving those cards matters because this event only cares that you perform a recruitment, which means that any method that allows you to recruit should be counted for this event. I save everything related to Hero recruitment and use it all on this event, and its a breeze.

But part two of it, you also get credit for getting modifiers, which you can get from boxes and from the Mall. Unlike the events that require you getting specific Modifiers, this event doesn’t care. Any Gear or Chip Modifier counts, and Gear Locks. So stock up on Enhancement, Modifier and random boxes or during this event you will be able to purchase these from the Mall, but honestly if you are just saving your Recruiter cards and Coins to use for this event. You should be able to get all the rewards.

Advanced Tips:


* Heroes *

  • Heroes must be recruited using Tavern coins


  • Tavern coins can be obtained from Campaign levels (blitzing works for this), from the Mall, and as event prizes. They are also in daily quest boxes.


  • Exchanging Tavern points for hero frags DOES NOT COUNT for this event


  • Using Hero cards DOES NOT COUNT for this event. Save the cards for a Get Heroes event (the Monday after WK or a Get Heroes BL)


* Modifiers *

  • Open modifier choice boxes to gain points


  • Chip modifiers in Ruins Exchange are also good to obtain on this day (they reset once a week rather than every day)

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