Improve Might

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Global Ace Commander is a 7 part event that takes place bi-weekly. Each day represents one part of the event. The fifth part of Global Ace Commander is Improve Might.

Enhance MaterialPoints
Get 1 star Enhance Material100
Get 2 star Enhance Material500
Get 3 star Enhance Material2,000
Get 4 star Enhance Material5,000
Get 5 star Enhance Material20,000

Promote MaterialsPoints
Get Promoter1,000
Get Promoter II5,000
Get Promoter III40,000

In this event what matters is Enhance Materials and Promoters, no matter what kind all of them improve your might and increase your points for this event.

This is the event where you want to open any boxes you have from doing Zombie Lairs since these tend to contain these materials. You can also find these types of Materials in The Ruins shop, The Pit Exchange, and the Alliance Shop, as well as the Mall.

But, if when you are on a Hunt for Zombie Lairs, you save the boxes you earn for this moment you can complete this part of Ace Commander with ease.

Often during these Global Ace Commander events, sometimes its hard to get enough points without purchasing something from the Mall. This part of the event, thankfully does not require this. Again, if you save up boxes each day and open them only during this part of the Event, you should easily be able to complete it.

Advanced Tips:





  • DON’T open enhancements and promoters right at reset – you may get lucky and get a gain Gear / Chips / Modules / Cubes-related BL (if there is not one right at reset)


  • If 9 hours before the next reset there has been no gain materials BL, use your materials freely.


  • SAVING IS CRUCIAL FOR THIS DAY. Save your enhancement and promoter I and II boxes for an extended period of time (weeks to even months, to accumulate hundreds). Save your zombie lair boxes.


  • Do not try to “ace” every single ACE Commander. It is costly. If ACE is your focus event, it is better to save for awhile and then do a push for the top percentages once every couple of months. You can still complete the event and get Epic Hero Cards without pushing for the top % every two weeks.


  • Opening enhancement materials and promoters counts for points on Day 5 (opening promoters used to not count; now it does). Opening promoter and enhancement boxes for ACE is your decision based on what you want to obtain. You can do it during Break Loose for Get Gear/Chips/Modules/Cubes or during the Get Week events on the related day (gear promoters on gear day or chip promoters on chip day, for example). It depends which heroes you are trying to obtain: Leah or Lady M/Phoenix/Zephyr.


  • Obtaining Gear Refiners counts for points, using them does not.

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Improve Might

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