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Global Ace Commander is a 7 part event that takes place bi-weekly. Each day represents one part of the event. The first part of Global Ace Commander is Gather.

20 Food4
20 Wood4
4 Steel4
1 Gas4

2 Rare Earth1

Here is where gathering Gas is important. It yields you the most points, and typically an alliance will setup an alliance gas field to help people get through this with more points, as your troops, depending on troop load can go and return from the alliance gas field with more gas than one could get from a standard gas field.

If you cannot find higher level gas fields, you should try steel which will earn you less per steel but still better than food or wood. Of course if you need all the resources, just gathering them normally will grant you points as well.

You should attempt to gather as much rare earth as possible, but trying to do the pit without Auto Occupy, a feature of VIP 7, it can be very frustrating as you either need to find a free pit (not occupied) or attempt to take one. This requires looking at each player’s might and determining whether you can defeat them.

Because of this if you do not have VIP 7, I do not recommend even bothering with the Pit, unless you really like banging your head against walls.

The important thing to remember about Global Ace Commander is that you need at least one million personal points in Total Rank to earn a ranking. However, Global Ace Commander is calculated based on the total accumulated points across all seven event days.

If you place high enough in total rank you can earn Obsidian frags.

The rewards for Phase Rank are not as good, however you need 300,000 points to qualify.

(Although accumulating 1,000,000 points in Gathering will get you to Phase Six, if you want to place high in the Total Rank you will need to exceed that amount.)

Advanced Tips:

  •  Start gathering from the alliance resource spot as close to reset as possible (or even before if it won’t run out; if you have Nuka scheduled for reset and you have been gathering for several hours or even longer, whatever you have gathered will count as soon as you relocate for Nuka)


  • Send 4 or 5 marches (depending if one is in the alliance resource spot) to gather prior to Day 1 reset > use Swift Gather about 5 minutes BEFORE reset (time it so the marches return right after reset)


  • When Swift Gather finishes its cool down before Day 2, use Swift Gather AGAIN on 5 marches before reset for Day 2 (make sure they return before Day 2 hits; use the Recall talent to instantly recall them)


  • R5 or R4 should remove the alliance resource spot approximately 5 minutes before Day 2 reset (unless it’s Alliance Showdown) so that all marches return for last points

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