Training Speedups

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Global Ace Commander is a 7 part event that takes place bi-weekly. Each day represents one part of the event. The fourth part of Global Ace Commander is Training Speedups.

  • 1-min Speedup yields 150 points.

In this event, the only thing that matters is training and speeding it up. For each one minute that you speed up, you will get 150 points.

It’s important to save all your training Speedups for this Ace Commander event.

You can earn Speedups through Duels in Arena, as well in Campaign mode. You will also find Speedups in the Alliance Shop, The Ruins Shop, and the Mall.

(Use this opportunity to Promote your Troops if you have lower tier troops, as you can speed up their promotion. Promoting your troops to a higher tier before training new ones will increase your might and reduce the burden on your infirmary when a lot of troops are injured.)

Advanced Tips:

  • This is the first day many wait for; points tend to jump.


  • Use saved speedups but I don’t recommend blowing through them all on this day, as more people will be sure to train new troops on Day 7 after Wasteland King.


  • You can promote from lower tiers to higher tiers and use speedups, although it will use fewer speedups at a time.


  • Use the Cost Reduction talent if you have it; if you have the training cap increase (10K) this would be a good day to use it IF YOU ALSO HAVE THE SPEEDUPS FOR IT. Don’t use the cap increase unless you have enough speedups to use it effectively for 10 minutes.


  • It is recommended to have a talent tree that is specific to the Balance category so that you can train as many troops as possible (max number of bootcamps is also recommended)


    You may get lucky and can double dip if a Break Loose is training-related

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Training Speedups

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