Ultimate Trial

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Global Ace Commander is a 7 part event that takes place bi-weekly. Each day represents one part of the event. The seventh part of Global Ace Commander is Ultimate Trial.

  • +1 Building Might grants you 7 Points.
  • +1 Tech Might grants you 7 Points. 

Unit Type trainedPoints
T1 unit5
T2 Unit10
T3 Unit 15
T4 Unit22
T5 Unit30
T6 Unit40
T7 Unit55
T8 Unit70
T9 Unit85
T10 Unit110
T11 Unit125
T12 Unit150

Ultimate Trial combines Build & Research with Training Speedups culminating into the conclusion of the Global Ace Commander event. 

As it matters in Build & Research, you want to construct buildings and do research that will yield you the most Might, since Might is how your points are calculated. For each point of Might you achieve in this fashion, you are given 7 Points in the event. In the Training Portion, training and promoting your units to the highest Tier you can will give you the most points. You will want to get at least 6 million points altogether to get all rewards.

However, like all Global Ace Commander events, just getting to the maximum Phase points to give you your personal rewards will not get you ranked overall, to do this you must exceed them.

Placing in at least the bottom 25% overall—that includes all Global Ace Commander events combined—will get you Obsidian Frags.

Advanced Tips:


  • Day 7 is based on might gained from building, researching, and training, not using speedups


  • For Day 7, wait for Fast Comeback after Wasteland King is over before replacing killed troops. This will increase training speed and allow you to train a lot of troops quickly.


  • If you’re trying to place in the top %, be watch the rankings for the final 10 minutes of the event (which ends 30 minutes before reset)


  • Many players will train tens of thousands of troops in this time, if not more

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Ultimate Trial

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