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Global Ace Commander is a 7 part event that takes place bi-weekly. Each day represents one part of the event. The third part of Global Ace Commander is AP & Stamina.

  • Consume 1 Stamina for 2,000 Points
  • Consume 1 AP for 400 Points

Here you will earn points for each Stamina and AP you consume. The only real strategy here is to save your Stamina until reset and this portion of Ace Commander begins. It might also be a good time to use any boosts to your ATK, which would allow you to do stronger Zombie Lairs.

Technically, Ace Commander doesn’t care whether you Hunt Zombies or Zombie Lairs, it only cares that you consume Stamina.

On Zombie Hunter days, you will be able to purchase 120 Stamina packs that will allow you to earn more points, and you can always use 1500 Diamonds if you run out of AP and want to get more.

You will need 1,200,000 points total to complete Phase 6.

Advanced Tips:

* Stamina *

  • Hoard stamina from previous weeks: A good time to do this is to save stamina cans your alliance may send as gifts during Strike First the previous weekends.


  • Set up a time in alliance to use Hunt Mastery all together to get the most out of your stamina by running continuous rallies for 5 minutes


* AP *

  •  Add as much AP as you can (limited by your VIP level) before Day 3 reset. On Day 3, your AP limit will reset and you can add more AP again. It is good practice to start hoarding AP and using it to add to your AP count before ACE begins. If you have VIP 13, you don’t need to do this as you have unlimited AP usage.


  • You can buy AP for 1500 diamonds each in the Diamond Shop in your bag (press “use” to add to your AP bar before Day 3)


  • You can also get AP from the Intermediate and Advanced coins in Noah’s Tavern.


  • Save your blitz cards!!! Blitz cards are prizes in BL and other events, as well as received daily in daily task boxes.

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AP & Stamina

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