Alliance Party

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The event lasts for 20 minutes.

About every couple of minutes surprise gifts will popup around your commander. You can pickup a maximum of 15 surprise gifts during the party.

Commanders can send mystery gifts that players in the party can pick up. These mystery gifts do not count toward the maximum surprise gifts you can earn during the party.

(Note that each player can only join one party within the event duration)

When you join the party you will see your commander standing in a empty room. Every few minutes boxes will appear on the screen in random locations. (Boxes tend to appear in a triangle formation around the center)

The best way to understand this is if you spawn in the center, and start heading towards the top of the screen, the other two boxes will tend to spawn perpendicular to the edges from the central position.

It is considered random, but my experience tells me that they most often spawn this way.

When a commander spawns a mystery gift, it will always spawn right next to where they are standing.

There is only short window in which you can grab one of these boxes before it disappears.

The best method I have found is to run either top, left, or right from center. From there, look around you in 360° to find the box. Once you have found your first, if you went to the top head downward at a left angle until you find the next, and then head straight across to find the last.

Understand that because this is random, boxes could be closer to the edge in one direction, but closer to the center in another. You have to always be aware of your surroundings.

When you find a box, stand right next to it until the progress bar hits 100, and then quickly run to the next box.

If you are lucky, you can find all three before the timer runs out. If that happens, its ok, more boxes will spawn.

There is more than enough time to get your 15 before the event ends.

Again this event is meant to be fun. There is no pressure to be good, or get flustered, just enjoy it. It’s free stuff.

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Alliance Party

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