Alliance Showdown

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  • Alliances must have at least 20 members to sign-up, and only members with at least a level 15 HQ can participate.
  • Cancelling a quest will take up one of your quest quota slots.
  • All members share the same quest list. (R4+ officers can delete pending quests.)


This event allows members to get rewards for a lot of things they are already doing like gathering, using the mystery shop, healing troops, etc.

However, this event demands a lot of the player, that may be very difficult under normal circumstances. That is why it is one of my least favorite events. Many of the quests require you to gather or transport resources in the millions, in a very short period of time. Don’t stress yourself out trying to do this one. Just grab quests you think you might be able to do.

The R4s should be clearing out the question marks as they tend to revolve around spending money in the Mall to finish.

Again, this like a few of the events is really centered around getting you to spend money, because the question mark quests tend to be easier by spending the money than going through the trouble of having to gather a few million resources or increasing your troop might in a very short period of time.

You will also see quests marked with a diamond that are either Gain diamonds via Packs or Consume Diamonds. (I would ignore these entirely unless you have money to waste on this event, as these are deliberately designed to get you to use money outright, either by buying more diamonds or using all your diamonds and still needing to consume more which will require you spending money to get more.)

(A good use for this event are the transport resource quests. By transporting resources between multiple players that have these transport quests, it will make it a lot easier to complete them. You transport X number of steel to a player who also has this quest and then transports it back, or food, wood, or gas. It’s the most efficient way to get through this event.)


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Alliance Showdown

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