Alliance Trial

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  • When available, the event can be started by the leader and officers of Lv 2+ alliances.
  • Members with Lv. 12+ HQs can join.
  • You can challenge 3 times daily. Each challenge grants points.
  • The higher your personal/alliance points gained, the more rewards you may get.
  • Allies can dispatch their heroes to assist one another.


Personal and Alliance Rewards

In each round of the event, each phase of rewards can be claimed up to 100 times. It is important to claim your rewards before the event ends.


This event like many others revolves around a puzzle, similar to the puzzles you find in campaign and arena modes. Only instead of fighting multiple enemies, you are just fighting a single enemy that cannot be killed. The goal is to do as much damage as you can before he vomits on your heroes killing all of them simultaneously.

My strategy for this event is bring the damage. Under normal circumstances you will take healers with you to curb some of that damage, however this zombie doesn’t really do much damage until he has charged up his vomit attack. At that point he will wipe out your team.

Because of this, getting as much damage in before all your heroes are dead should be the goal.

Bring in your main damage dealing heroes, the ones that will under normal circumstances be the heroes you tend to duel with in arena or even bring into a campaign.

By swapping your healers for more damage you can maximize the damage you can do before your heroes die.

In this example the zombie is Wary (Yellow), this means that Avid (Purple) Style heroes will be the most effective in striking since they would do 200% damage to this particular zombie. 

You may be tempted to bring all purple heroes in and its possible that strategy will work if the heroes are high enough and do a lot of damage, but it means in the puzzle game, if you match colors of a hero you are currently using such as green or red, then when those pieces strike the zombie, it will take no damage.

It’s a risk/reward situation, in my opinion only a good strategy when you have five extremely strong purple heroes that you could do this with. Otherwise sick with all five colors and maximize damage across the board by having the best heroes from each color.



A really interesting thing about Alliance Trial is the opportunity to assist other players by offering a hero as an alternative to one they are currently using.

If you are the person giving assistance, you are rewarded each time someone uses your hero, its best to choose your strongest hero to assist as its more likely to be chosen than a weaker one.

If you are the person needing assistance, you can swap out one of your heroes for one that another person is offering up. Perhaps your green hero is weaker than the rest so you look for a green hero to assist. You can only choose one, so its best to swap it for one that will make a difference, even the smallest bit helps.

When the event ends participants will receive rewards based on their rank in the state. This only includes the top 50, so unless you have some really strong heroes its unlikely you will rank, at least for a while.

Because of this its just a fun little game where you get rewards for participation. There is no PVP, or necessity to control anything, for that reason its just meant to have fun, so play and enjoy yourself.

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Alliance Trial

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