Attack on Destroyer

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  • During the event, the Destroyer will appear on the world map. Band together to eliminate him.
  • Each attack against the Destroyer grants rewards according to the damage dealt.
  • Rank Rewards will be sent after the event according to the total damage dealt.
  • Lvl. 6 HQ is required to attack the Destroyer
  • Battles against the Destroyer do not result in casualties.
  • March speed toward the Destroyer is 10 times normal speed.


You get a total of 5 attempts against the Destroyer to maximize damage. It’s best to use your strongest troops and heroes against him. 

Because this event is focused on maximizing damage, its best if you have it, to use the Commander Skill Mega March since it increases your March Cap +10% for 30 minutes. You can find it in the Military talent tree.

This is another fun solo event that gives you rewards for very little effort. Just have fun with it.


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Attack on Destroyer

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