Cube Upgrade

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This event is all about the upgrade material and modifiers. You do not get points for upgrading your cubes despite it being called Cube Upgrade.


Get 3 star Cube20,000
Get 4 star Cube100,000
Get 5 star Cube500,000
Get 1 star Cube Enhance Material100
Get 2 star Cube Enhance Material500
Get 3 star Cube Enhance Material2,000
Get 4 star Cube Enhance Material5,000
Get 5 star Cube Enhance Material20,000
Get Cube Promoter II5,000
Get Cube Promoter1,000
Promote Cube0

Some daily quests can award you cube promotion materials

You can find Cube Promoters, and Enhancement Materials in the Reservoir War/Alliance Clash Exchange Shop for Clean Water.

You can also get it from some events like Trials of Survival.


Unfortunately, the best method is to buy Cube packages from the Mall. 

I have found that once you have purchased the Cubes, you will be able to use all the Materials you have earned. However, again for this particular event, upgrading your Cubes does not give points only getting the Upgrade and Enhance materials.

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Cube Upgrade

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