Dead Rising

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  • During Dead Rising, you’ll lose no resources and most units wounded in battle against zombies will be healed.
  • The zombies are immune to shield effect.
  • The more waves of zombies you fight off, the more rewards you will acquire.
  • If you fail twice to defend your sanctuary, the zombies will no longer attack you but you will still be able to reinforce your allies to gain points.
  • The event will end when you and all your allies fail twice to defend your sanctuary.
  • Commanders that quit their alliance during the reward delivery period may not receive any rewards.

(It’s important to note that members who join the alliance after the event starts will obtain no points or rewards.)

The R4 or R5 that starts this event sets its difficulty level. The higher the difficulty the stronger the zombies are when attacking your sanctuary.

Stronger players with a lot of higher level troops will not take much damage from zombies unless the difficulty is really high. Because of this stronger players should reinforce players around them. March time is important to know when reinforcing a player, since the waves of zombies may hit before your march reaches the player.

Because of this its more efficient to reinforce the weaker players directly next to you. After a number of waves have passed you will be warned that players should reinforce the Alliance Fort. (Only stronger players with a lot of higher level troops need to do this.)

For the most part on lower difficulty this event is pretty easy, and boring. You can literally do other things like watch a movie or have a snack. The only thing you really need to do is heal any troops between waves. Doing so will guarantee your troops are ready to defend your sanctuary when the next wave comes.

Once the event is over, Recall any troops that you have used to reinforce your allies, and wait until Rewards are calculated. The reward delivery countdown will begin once the event has ended.

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Dead Rising

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