Fox’s Test

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  • There are 15 random questions in total.
  • You have 30 seconds for each question.
  • Rewards are given based on your answers and the time spent.
  • Correctly answer a certain number of questions to get the bonus rewards.
  • If you quit the quiz, the question you are answering will be deemed answered incorrect. You may get back to the quiz later but you may only continue from the question after the one you quit on.
  • You may seek help from your allies during the quiz.


Fox’s Test is a set of pseudorandom questions asked in 30 second increments. 

Some of the questions pertain to things about the game, others pop culture, science, history, geography, etc.

It’s a little like playing an easier version of trivial pursuit. The questions are not too difficult, and you are allowed to ask your alliance for help three times during the quiz.

The questions always appear with three multiple choice answers.

To get maximum rewards you need to get 10 questions correct out of 15.

This is another fun event where you get free stuff. Just play it and have fun. What I would say is that many of the questions repeat from test to test, so the more times you take the quiz the better you will get at getting the correct answers.

(My plan is to have a list of available questions with the correct answers. I will slowly fill these in as I get them. You will need to be patient. However, if you want to help me get the questions and answers faster email me the questions and correct answers for the quiz you took at wikiadmin@pnsbs.com)


Question and Answer Repository

How many legion/economy skills can 5 star heroes unlock at most in Puzzles & Survival?4
Which country does the Walking Dead take place in?United States
In what country does the “Cannes Film Festival” take place?France
Which level is required for Sanctuary to unlock Auction House?20
Where did the Titanic sink?Atlantic Ocean
After Michael Jordan’s first retirement in 1993, he became a professional athlete in which sport?Baseball
Which animal has the most teeth?Snail
Which color reflects more light, white or black?White
Who was expelled from the team?Dr. J
What is the nature type of Ulrik?Green
What deficiency causes scurvy?Vitamin C
How many ranks are in an alliance?5
How many daily quest points are required to claim the highest tier point box?150
What is the main antagonist in Resident Evil: Retribution?AI
What is the birthplace of the Christmas Carol “Silent Night?”Austria
What is Zephyr’s real identity?A Mystery man
What does Fluoride toothpaste do?Preventing tooth decay
Which country produces the most diamonds?Zaire
What is Chester’s personality like?He’s irritable
Which prison did Marshall’s wife go to?Andes Women’s Prison
Which unit type is countered by shooter?Rider
Which two consecutive months have 31 days?July and August
Why did Chia-hao choose to be a firefighter?Repay the firefighter who saved him
What is the age of the Earth?About 4.6 billion
What hero will you encounter in Eclipolis?Barbie
Which two letters does the Volkswagen’s logo consist of?VW
Which unit type is countered by Rider?Fighter
Which toxic gas is produced by rotten vegetables?Hydrogen Sulfide
Why did Marshall become permanently lame?Saving his son
How often do solar storms occur?Every 11 years
How did Amber overcome her guilt and sadness?Defeated zombies
How many holes are there on a golf course?18
Which color of tile is countered by purple tiles?Golden
What was Griffin’s rank and position in Morning Glory Commando Unit?Guide
Why do Zephyr’s team members like him?He always risks his life to save others.
What is the nature type of Tomoyo?Purple
What does Q stand for in cards?Queen
Seven lambs are playing hide-and-seek. If three have been found, then how many remain hidden?3
What’s the 1-day deposit RoR of the in-game bank?7%
What was the cause of the fire in Chia-hao’s home?His mother’s madness
Who discovered the law of universal gravitation?Isaac Newton
How would you extinguish an alcohol lamp?Put the cap on
How long does it take for the moon to orbit the Earth?About a month
In what year was the inaugural FIFA World Cup?1930
Who did Chia-hao lose in a fire?His mother
What does the red exclamation mark in the sanctuary signify?Special Incidents
Which of the following pieces of information cannot be found by looking at the notice board?Player Info
Where was the first bank created?Italy
Ice Skating was first intended to be…?Vehicles
What is the smallest country in the world?Vatican City
Which unit type is countered by Fighter?Shooter
What did Chia-hao do before the zombie outbreak?Firefighter
In a football match, what card will the referee use to send the player off the field?Red Card
Where was the air conditioner invented?United States
Which of the following cannot be obtained directly?Rank Rewards
Who plays Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead?Norman Reedus
Who invented the telephone?Alexander Graham Bell
What can Tomoyo’s troop skill do?Troop HP Up
During Reservoir War, how long do you need to keep defending a foothold to successfully occupy it?3 mins
What is the longest river in Europe?Volga River
Which aspect of Fox are people more interested in?Attractive appearance
What is the birthplace of the Olympic Games?Ancient Greece
When do mirages most often occur?Summer
Where is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set?Italy
Who initially formulated the periodic table?Dmitri Mendeleev
Which two English letters are used to represent the secure memory card used in digital cameras?SD
Which color is used in Spanish bullfighting?Red
Which country invented tanks?UK
What should you do if you see someone send inappropriate content?Report the player to CS
What became of Marshall’s wife after the zombie outbreak?She went missing.
What’s the relationship between Griffin and Amber?Teammates
Which Asian country was first to host the Olympic Games?South Korea
Which European city is called the city of fog?London
When did Tomoyo leave home?Her brother’s birthday
What constellation is Altair located in?Aquila
What’s Chester weapon?Three-way valve
Uber Cup and Thomas Cup are associated with which sport?Badminton
Where does Fox live?Geobury
What was the first mission Dr. J received from Agent X?Bank Robbery
On what part of the body are injections most typically given?Veins
How many types of talents does a commander have?3
How did McCarty finish the bandits off?Gun
Where is the Ugly Duckling from?Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairytales
During which mission did Amber lose her boyfriend?Rescuing a hostage in the Goth Wastelands
What’s the name of Tomoyo’s brother?Yagyũ Akigo
The Mariana Trench is located in which ocean?Pacific Ocean
Which English letter is in the logo of Microsoft’s browser?e
Whose wife died in childbirth?Griffin
How did Griffin successfully avenge his daughter’s death?Varvara’s help
What are the 2 most abundant gases in the atmosphere?Oxygen & Nitrogen

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