Gather Supplies

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This is a pretty straightforward event where you are rewarded just for gathering resources and rare earth metals from the pit.




10Rare Earth1

If you have more than a couple of marches, you should try to maximize the points you can earn by gathering as many resources from tiles as possible, sending a march to each one. However, if you are limited on marches, going after Gas and Steel will yield the most points for the least resources gathered.

In the pit, it doesn’t really matter. You should attempt to gather as much rare earth as possible. Because trying to do the pit without Auto Occupy, a feature of VIP 7, it can be very frustrating as you either need to find a free pit (not occupied) or attempt to take one. This requires looking at each player’s might and determining whether you can defeat them.

Because of this if you do not have VIP 7, I do not recommend even bothering with the Pit, unless you really like banging your head against walls.

In any case, gather as much resources in either way as possible to gain rewards. No need to compete, just fun.

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Gather Supplies

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