Gear Upgrade

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This event is all about the upgrade material and modifiers. You do not get points for upgrading your gear despite it being called Gear upgrade.


Gear Promoter1,000
Gear Promoter II5,000
1 star Gear Enchance Material100
2 star Gear Enhance Material500
3 star Gear Enhance Material2,000
4 star Gear Enhance Material5,000
5 star Gear Enhance Material20,000
2 star War Gear3,000
3 star War Gear30,000
4 star War Gear150,000
5 star War Gear500,000
Builder/Researcher Gear, Promote Gear0

Gear Modifier3,000
Gear Lock30,000

You should try to save boxes containing these gear promoters as this is one of the events where using them awards you points.

There are a few ways to get Gear Enhancing materials.

The alliance shop can stock one star gear enhance materials.

You can earn both gear enhancers and promoters doing daily quests.

Hunting Zombies and Zombie Lairs.

Running the Campaign will also yield materials.

Unfortunately, the best method is to buy them from the Mall. This is one of the cases where the points require to get the most rewards are so high that unless you been saving for a while, without spending money, getting maximum rewards is going to be difficult.

You can earn Phoenix frags for getting to Phase 10, but it requires 900,000 points, and you only get 2 frags.

I honestly do not think trying to get to Phase 10 is feasible unless you want to spend money or you have a ton of materials you can just get.

Remember that the materials you already have, those can only be used to enhance what you already have, and in this event, the game doesn’t care. Instead, you are trying to get the materials, beating things, buying things, opening boxes, that is how you get them.

So try your best but don’t get discouraged if you cannot do well in this event, or you do not have the money to spend.

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Gear Upgrade

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