Joy 777

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  • During the event, you can complete certain objectives to get Joy Coins to pin the slot machine.
  • Make sure you claim the Joy Coins before they are reset on a daily basis.
  • Each spin increases Joy Points, getting 100% Joy Points guarantees the Jackpot.

As you do your daily quests you can earn Joy Points which convert into spins. Unfortunately, this game’s odds are extremely rigged in favor of the house. And the only real way to guarantee winning the jackpot is to spend money.

For that reason I would not recommend spending any money on this unless you have a disposable income.

(It should also be noted that The Joy Point progress towards 100% (777 guaranteed) resets when the event ends, meaning if you spend a lot of money but not enough to reach 100%, all your progress is lost.)

This is not one of my favorite events particularly because of the predatory gambling involved here. Unless you really have a lot of money to throw at this, do not spend your money.

Just earn points for playing normally.  

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Joy 777

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