Lucky Draw

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  • You select 12 rewards from the treasury to generate your prize pool.
  • Consume Lucky Coins  to draw rewards from the pool.
  • Lucky Coins can be obtained by completing daily quests and recharging diamonds.
  • You can start a new round of divination when all 12 rewards have been claimed.
  • Each draw has a chance to grant extra Lucky Coins.

(Be sure to use your Lucky Coins before the event ends.)

When you start the event, you can choose prizes from a pool. Each tier allows you to select a number of prizes. The first allows you to pick two, the second four, and the third six.

Once you have selected your prizes, you can generate your pool. From that point forward you obtain the coins through doing quests, but each time you use them, it costs more coins.

Once you have obtained enough coins to play a round, you hit the play button and the it will randomly select one of the prizes from your pool as a reward.

(During the event, every 100 Diamonds obtained via purchasing boxes grants 1 Lucky Coin.)

So this event like many of the others where you obtain coins to play are designed to make you spend money. Although you can play it for free, the ramping up of requiring more coins each time basically makes it so unless you are willing to spend money, you will be unable to earn all the prizes in your pool before the event ends.

I recommend you don’t spend money on this particular event, especially if you are trying to get one of the top tier prizes.

Although I have been told that its possible to get one of the top tier prizes without getting all the rewards in other tiers first, I have done this multiple times and each time spending money I cleared the board including the top tier only after all other rewards were won.

This was my experience but its entirely possible others could have a different experience, but as I said, I would not spend money on this just because its rigged heavily in favor of the house.



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Lucky Draw

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