Nova & Module

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This event is all about the getting Nova Military and Economy Points, and Module Enhancement Material.

Get Nova PointsPoints Earned
100 Military Points20
100 Economy Points20

1 star Module Enhance Material100
2 star Module Enhance Material500
3 star Module Enhance Material2,000
4 star Module Enhance Material5,000
5 star Gear Enhance Material20,000
Module Promoter II5,000

There are actually a lot of ways to get Nova points.

  • Rare Earth Shop: Collecting Rare Earth allows you to exchange them for Nova points.

  • Hero Glory Shop: Fighting in the Arena gets you points that can be exchanged for Nova points.

  • Ruins Shop: Clear as many Ruins floors as possible, and you can redeem points for Nova points.
  • You can buy them in the Mall directly.
  • You can earn them through events.
  • Nova herself can grant them to you as well as I explain below.


Nova has three ways to interact with her:

  • Affinity: Gives Nova Intellect points
  • Praise: Gives Nova Skill points
  • Gift: Gives random resources or skill points.

When interacting with her for this event, Praise would be the best option to use. Of course she doesn’t always award things, its always just a chance it will happen.

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Nova & Module

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