Speaker Trap

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After starting the Speaker Trap event, commanders need to launch rally attacks on the Destroyer during a limited period of time.

If the Destroyer is killed, all members will receive rewards.

After the event closes, rewards will be sent based on damage dealt. 

(NOTE that only commanders who have joined the alliance for more than 72 hours can participate in the event.)

This event doesn’t require anything special and all members should participate. Commanders who have smaller rally sizes should join commanders with larger rally sizes to maximize damage. Since rallying requires that your troops are stationed with the commander launching the rally, understand that march time does affect the maximum damage that can be done in the allotted time.

This means the closer you are to the commander launching the rally the faster you will get your troops to them, and the faster the rally can initiate. This is important because rallies that take longer than the time remaining will not be able to get their last strike in.

In the beginning its safe to simply initiate as many rallies or join as many rallies as you have troops, at the Speaker Trap, this will ensure that you are maximizing damage. The more damage done to the Destroyer the more likely it is you will destroy it.

As the timer runs down—the closer you get to zero—the more important it is to maximize that damage. This is even more important when in the last few minutes, as it makes more sense to join large rallies. (Do not join rallies where your march time will exceed the rally time. Under normal circumstances this may be ok, however in the final few minutes you could end up delaying the rally, reducing the overall damage that can be done. That is why it is safer to either not attack, or simply attack it yourself.)

To efficiently maximize damage against the Destroyer always attack it with the most powerful troops you can muster. If launching multiple rallies it should go:

First RallySecond RallyThird+ Rally
T7, T8, T9, +Remaining T7, T8, T9, +
or T4, T5, T6
Remaining T4, T5, T6
or T1, T2, T3

Most commanders will only be able to initiate three or four rallies before running out of troops which is why maximizing efficiency is important.

By making your first rally use your most powerful troops, and heroes, it ensures a maximum yield.

You should then use the remaining higher tier forces, and add medium tier for the next, then lower, etc.

You may be tempted to just throw whatever you want at it, which will be ok when there is a lot of time remaining, however as the timer goes down, you will want to really rein in damage by making sure that the troops you sending have the most impact.

It’s important to remember that even if you only have lower tier troops you can and should still participate, sending what you have when you have it.

For commanders with much higher tier troops, it is important to send the troops that will do the most damage, along with the heroes whose bonuses will help with that.

No matter what happens, this event is meant to be fun, and rewarding. There is nothing at stake here worth getting angered or flustered about. Do the best you can do and have fun doing it.

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Speaker Trap

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