Trials of Survival

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  • The event lasts for 7 days. Commanders can still claim rewards within 2 days after the event ends, but they cannot continue to complete unfinished quests.
  • Commanders can complete certain quests to gain Challenge EXP during the event. The higher the Challenge Level, the better the rewards.
  • Commanders can activate Path to Glory/Legend to unlock the corresponding EXP bonuses and rewards.
  • Daily quests are reset daily. Advanced quests can be completed only once during the event. 

This event rewards you for doing things you are already doing, which is why this is one of my favorites. Like other events it has its money component in the form in the form of the Promote Medal function which unlocks another path of Rewards, doing it again will also unlock another path of rewards, however you do not need to unlock either of these to earn rewards as the first path is entirely free.

There are 25 levels of rewards you can earn. As you complete normal daily actions just by playing, you will see buttons unlock in the Quest tab, which you can then click on to Claim. (These will be marked with a red dot.)



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Trials of Survival

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