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  • Every Nukaland event consists of multiple rounds. You can sign up for only one round.
  • Higher Nuka Ore Mine level grants higher gathering speed. When the round ends, rank rewards will be sent according to participants’ amounts of Nuka Ore gathered.
  • Units wounded in Nukaland battle will all be sent to the State Infirmary (no cost required) and become healthy when the event ends.
  • Random/Directed Relocate items are not usable in Nukaland. You can relocate your sanctuary for free up to 3 times. After that, you can relocate by spending diamonds (escalating amounts).
  • Blast Grenade and Mammoth Shield may randomly appear in Nukaland. Obtain them to get the upper hand in battle (not effective against another player’s sanctuary).
  • Nuka Ore Box may appear in the middle area. Occupy it to obtain a large number of Nuka Ore.
  • Rank rewards will be sent via mail after the event. (1 Nuka Ore is worth 1 point)

(Note: After signing up for Nukaland, you won’t be able to immigrate until the event ends. You cannot plunder resources by attacking enemy sanctuaries during the event.)

When you relocate to the Nukaland map you will likely be placed on the outer edge of the map surrounded by Level 1 Nuka Ore. The closer you are to the center of the map the higher the level of Nuka Ore you will find.

You could begin marching on level 1 Nuka Ore immediately, however the smaller the level the longer it takes to mine, which means its advantageous to move closer to the center, but it isn’t without risk.

Relocating closer to the center will give you access to higher level Nuka Ore, including access to the level 5 in the center. However, this is an interstate PvP event and—although the game attempts to match player levels within a certain percentage—higher level players will certainly fight over the center ore.

This will be true of anything surrounding the center, and I have found players will grab the level 3 and 4 ore immediately. So if you plan to relocate somewhere toward the center find an area with a lot of ore surrounding the area you plan to put yourself and immediately begin sending out marches.

You should also use a 50% Gathering Speed boost which can be found both in the Diamond Shop and Alliance Shop. This will help speed up the gathering allowing you to grab another Ore before someone else does.

It is imperative that you continue to take whatever surrounds you until you have it all, before looking for another spot. People tend to grab what they can when they can, and the closer you are to the center, the more likely it is you will be attacked. Especially once people have gathered the maximum they are allowed to gather on the map. If this happens and there is still time left in the event, people will start attacking others for fun.

You should also try to get as many marches as you can by increasing your VIP status. For events like this having the VIP increase on marches is extremely helpful. It’s why I highly recommend boosting your VIP as soon as possible. It is one of the things in this game that is worth spending money on if you intend to play this game regularly.

Use your three relocates sparingly, because when you run out, you will have to spend diamonds to continue relocating. That is why your first relocate should be a spot closer to the center that has a lot of level 3 or level 4 Ores.

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