Valiant Conquest

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Random/Directed Relocate can be used during Valiant Conquest to invade a foreign participating state for 4 hours. Take the opportunity to kill foreign enemy units and gather foreign resources to win points for your state and yourself. Diamond Mine Gathering limited to 8,000.

(Event Duration is 24 hours)


During Valiant Conquest your home state will be warring against 2 other states. You will have the option to choose one of the 2 opposing states at a time and will be randomly relocated to their state.

You will get a free random relocate to their state; and then you will have a free random relocate back to your state.

To get back to your hive, you will need to use a direct relocate. Make sure you save one.

(The two states that are battle in Wasteland King, will be the same two states that you will battle against during Valiant Conquest.)

What to Expect?

From the moment you relocate to the foreign state, you will see a timer appear counting down 4 hours.

You may exit at any time prior to the expiration of the countdown; otherwise you will be force random relocated back to your home state at the end of the timer.

The map in the lower left corner will become the map of the foreign state you have relocated to. From there you will see the zenith hub, locations of those with superweapons and any of your fellow alliance members, who will be shown in blue.

You will need to use your direct and random relocates from your bag.

Be Advised: If you are being attacked, do not use a random relocate. Nor exit the map. You must direct relocate away from the attack before random relocating or exiting. If you random or exit during an attack, the attack will still occur.

Shield or Burn

  • If you are choosing not to participate, there are 2 options for shielding during the event.  You can find 24 hour shields for 1,000 diamonds in your bag on the upper right diamond tab under military. You will need to set a timer for 23 hours to put up a new shield prior to it’s expiration.
  • You can find a 3 day shield for 5,000 diamonds in your bag on the upper right diamond tab under military. 

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Valiant Conquest

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