Wasteland King

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The Wasteland King event is a State versus State battle between three warring states. When the event begins three states are chosen, and players from any of those states may directly relocate to one, or both of the other two states in an attempt to become the Wasteland King.

The Rules

  • Wasteland King(WLK) takes place every two weeks and begins on the sixth day at 10:00 UTC (6:00AM ET).
  • Each war lasts for 24 hours. The first commander and their alliance will instantly win if they are able to occupy the Zenith Tech Hub for a period of 8 hours consecutively. If none succeed to occupy the Zenith Tech Hub for 8 hours consecutively, the winner will be determined by the longest occupation time.
  • During WLK, commanders can perform War Relocates to a foreign State. (Note that only targets within the Wasteland can be attacked or scouted and getting defeated within a foreign Wasteland will result in being relocated to the home State.)
  • When the Zenith Tech Hub is occupied by a different alliance than in a turret, the occupied turret will continuously attack the Zenith Tech Hub inflicting heavy damage up defending Troops stationed within the Zenith Tech Hub. Turret Attack is immune to the shield.
  • When a commander occupies a foreign Zenith Tech Hub and the Commander’s home Zenith Tech Hub is not being occupied by a foreign enemy, a shield will be activated to protect the Commander’s home Zenith Tech Hub from foreign assault. A Shield will also be activated when a Commander succeeds in driving a foreign occupier out from the Commander’s home Zenith Tech Hub.


About 12 hours before WLK begins, players should begin occupying the Wasteland surrounding the Zenith Tech Hub.

Because marching within the Wasteland takes a long time, placing State alliance sanctuaries in a grid around the Zenith Tech Hub, will make it more difficult for foreign invaders to attack the Zenith Tech Hub in the center.

Any player relocating their sanctuary to the Wasteland area will need to shield their sanctuary for a period of at least 24 hours to prevent foreign invaders from attacking players in the Wasteland area.

Any player defeated within this area will disappear and be relocated to an area outside of the Wasteland.

Players should already have a plan to cover this area, either decided by the Governor or a ruling council. It is essentially that the plan is followed.

Players with higher Tier Troops should be occupying the Zenith Tech Hub and Turrets. If the Hub occupying alliance does not also occupying all of the turrets, the turret not being occupied by the alliance within the Hub will begin assaulting the Hub doing massive damage to troops stationed within. 

It is for this reason that States must work together to shuffle players around, moving them into the host alliance (the alliance that will occupy the Hub and four turrets) and swapping players as needed over an 8 hour period to prevent foreign occupation.

During this period The buildings will be under constant assault from enemy forces and players that station troops within the structures can lose a high percentage of their troops. It is for this reason that constantly swapping higher tier troops in will both allow all players to earn occupation, kill, and death points, but also allow a refresh of undamaged troops to take their place.

This is a very long battle, and it is difficult to expect players to fight a full 8 hours, so reserves must be ready to swap in when needed.

While a State must have an alliance occupy the Zenith Tech Hub for 8 hours straight it is possible that a battle may last up to 24 hours without a winner, resulting in a victory for whoever is able to hold the structure the longest.


Important things to remember

  • You are no longer fighting for yourself. You are fighting for your State, remember this. For this reason do not take this opportunity to attack players from your own State. Losing WLK means that each reset you will have to pay a tax in the form of resources that go to a Foreign Invading King.
  • You are either in Command, or a Soldier. Know your position before things begin. If you are in command it is your duty to give orders to players on where they must be during the event. If you are a soldier your job is to follow orders. Players that are not doing their job are hurting themselves and the State.
  • During the WLK event, you are no longer players, or alliances, you are one State with one goal, act like it and you might just be victorious. If you are unwilling or unable to put aside your enmities and work together toward a single goal, I assure you that you will be conquered. 

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Wasteland King

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