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Troop Skill

Shooter HP: increase

Shooter DEF: increase

Shooter ATK: increase

Phoenix should be an addition to anyone’s lineup, whether you are a shooter or not. In Arena very few heroes can compete with her damage.

She begins by increasing her ATK immediately, and again at 5% per round, simultaneously buffing her Rage Regen Rate. This means that without her even attacking she begins regenerating her Rage allowing her to use her Flamethrower skill even before anything happens, as well as increasing the damage she does.

Her Enhance Active Skill applies a debuff that begins dealing massive damage the moment it starts to wear off. Combine this with the fact that when she uses the Flamethrower she deals 205% damage to all foes, and renders them Ignited for 5 seconds. All damage they take during this time is increased.

She is an absolutely brutal Hero to take into Arena. Combine her with FOX and Eve for heals to keep her alive and she can almost single-handedly wipe out a team.

Phoenix is a force to be reckoned with.

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