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Troop Skill

Food Output: increase

Fighter DEF: increase

Fighter ATK: increase

Sanguine is another four star hero that finds herself in the unique position of having a passive skill. Because of this enhancing her to +5 even if you do not use Fighters increases Food output +100%.

However, its as a Fighter that she is most beneficial as she provides two bonuses to Fighters in your Fighter troop formation and that makes her one of the stronger heroes you can use in that formation.

At +5 Sanguine provides a +50% Fighter DEF bonus, and +50% Fighter ATK bonus to your fighters.

It’s for this reason she should be included in your Fighter troop formation, and leveled to a max of 210. If you intend to use either Shooters or Riders, instead leave her at level 1 and enhance her to +5 for the passive skill bonus.

She can be obtained in Noah’s Tavern

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