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Troop Skill

Fighter HP: increase

Fighter DEF: increase

Fighter ATK: increase

Noct is an unusual hero at three stars because he lacks a passive, this means early on he is as powerful as a hero like Barbie who is also a fighter, however Barbie possesses a passive skill making her a better choice early game.

However, once Noct can be enhanced to +5, it is more advantageous to reset Barbie to 1, and just use her for her passive economy skill.

Noct can then be used in a Fighter troop formation, and is a better choice over Barbie, as all three of his troop skills apply to improving fighters, as well as being evolved to a maximum level of 131 which increases overall troop might.

His skills add a +25% HP bonus, in addition to the +25% ATK, and +25% DEF bonus.

He can be obtained in Noah’s Tavern.

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