Doc Gray

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Troop Skill

Steel Gathering: speed increase

Rider DEF: increase

Rider ATK: increase

Use him early to do campaign mode, upgrading him to 71. His skills and the fact that early game he is one of the most powerful riders, use him in a rider troop formation maxed at level 71, +5. Doing this will add +25% Rider ATK and +25% Rider DEF to your formation.

You will use him in your Rider Formation for a long time, until you can get Angelo. Although Angelo does not provide a DEF bonus to your riders the way Doc Gray does, the ATK bonus at just +2 on Angelo is +40% which is better than Doc Gray at +5. It is therefore recommended when you have Angelo at +2 he should replace Doc Gray in your Riders Troop formation.

You should reset him back to 1, and just enhance him to +5 to increase Steel Gathering speed +30%.

He can be obtained Noah’s Tavern

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Doc Gray

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