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To install discord you need to click on the Play Store button, then type discord in the search box to find discord.

Press the Install button and wait for the icon to appear on your desktop, then click on it.

If you have an account you can login by pressing the Login button, otherwise press Register now to begin the registration process.

In this example I have chosen to use my email address, but you could use your phone number.  Type it in and press Next.

It will now ask you for a username, type one in the box, then type in a password and press Next.

You will now be asked for your birthday, select it below and press Create an account.

You will likely get prompted with a captcha that you must complete to continue.

Now choose a profile picture and press Next. (Note that it can be changed later at anytime) 

On the next screen it will askyou to allow your friends to find you by email/number, press Next.

Now it will ask you if you are a Student, you can press Yes I’m a student or No I’m not interested.

You will then be prompted to either create your own server or Join a friend on Discord.

Click Join a friend on Discord

Here you will type in the invite code unique to the server you want to join.

To join The Black Sheep Alliance Discord you type: https://discord.gg/SFAMGT6kXD in the box and press the Join button.

(If you are a player coming to this site from another alliance just looking for instructions be sure to get the invite code for your alliance’s discord server, and use that instead of ours. Ask a member of your alliance—the R5 should know this—for the proper invite code.)

You will then see then see a new prompt. Click Accept Invite.

Congratulations you are now part of the Discord Community.

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